Hernando, MS Project

Project Details

Located in a private neighborhood in Hernando, MS, this private estate property presented many challenges resulting in a beautiful property makeover. The existing front entrance to the home’s front doors was out of scale to the home’s extensive vertical height. The small terraced retaining walls and crowded landscape led you down a cramped narrow uninviting walkway to the homes front entry steps. The owners presented to us their desire to open up the front entrance of the home and create a space that felt inviting to guest as they approached the home’s front entry. Due to the distance between the parking area and the front door, guest were left with a long approach to the front doors.

In order to create a visually stunning approach balancing both site conditions (slope) and the vertical scale of the house, we created an oversized serpentine walkway approach that meanders in and out of landscape gardens, retaining walls and stone planters leading to a new stone patio landing at the base of new entry steps. The landscape is painted with flowering perennials, shrubs and evergreens that will attract hummingbirds and butterflies. Along with the new entrance, we also added guest parking providing easier access to the front entrance, an irrigation system and provisions for a new outdoor landscape lighting system. This property is also maintained by Camp Creek Landscape.

About Camp Creek Landscape

Mitch McNeely, Camp Creek Founder, always had a dream and vision to start his own business where he could provide a family friendly atmosphere for not only himself, but also the Camp Creek team. He believed that if he could provide an environment of positivity and fun, the entire team's true creative passion could thrive. In turn, the results delivered to the clients would be evidence of their passion and commitment to excellence.

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