Nesbit, MS Project

Project Details

Located in a private rural area of Nesbit, Ms, this project is a perfect example of implementing a Master Plan over a period of phases. This project also provides an excellent example of maximizing one’s budget to accomplish the desires and wish list a client may have. The overall Master Plan for this property included a front landscape makeover including a water feature, landscaping, stone planter walls to accommodate grade change, an irrigation system and lighting system all to be installed as the first the phase of the overall Master Plan. The backyard presented a more challenging canvas for design and construction. Prior to the work in the back yard, the original grade sloped upward away from the house leaving the owners with an unattractive swale (or ditch) in the middle of the back yard. There were no usable spaces and drainage issues left the back yard wet, muddy and a haven for mosquitoes. The client’s dream backyard as presented to us included a custom pool, ample deck space for lounging and entertaining, an outdoor fireplace and kitchen, an intimate space for a hot tub and natural landscaping to blend into the properties wooded habitat.

Despite the sites challenging conditions, we were able to successfully implement the desires of the clients into a beautiful backyard oasis. Originally designed as a custom gunite pool project, revisions were made to the plan changing the pool to a vinyl liner. Still custom in design, this provided room in the budget to construct the outdoor fireplace and kitchen dinning area. The intimate secluded hot tub space is convenient to access but screened from the main viewing area by lush landscaping and planters. The pool deck is multi level with a private tanning ledge tucked into the hillside. Protected by the planter walls and screened by the waterfall wall, this area disappears into the landscape behind it. The outdoor fireplace and kitchen with bar counter seating provides extended entertainment area and is neatly tucked into the landscape. This property is also maintained by Camp Creek Landscape.

About Camp Creek Landscape

Mitch McNeely, Camp Creek Founder, always had a dream and vision to start his own business where he could provide a family friendly atmosphere for not only himself, but also the Camp Creek team. He believed that if he could provide an environment of positivity and fun, the entire team's true creative passion could thrive. In turn, the results delivered to the clients would be evidence of their passion and commitment to excellence.

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